Streamline your payment processes with our comprehensive payment services. We offer secure, efficient, and reliable payment solutions that cater to your business needs.

Payment Services
As a payment service provider, we offer businesses and individuals the ability to process electronic payments, such as mobile money, credit card and debit card transactions. We typically provide merchants with the necessary infrastructure and support to accept payments online and in-store. We are fully compliant with the required standards and regulations including PCI DSS and regulations required by the local PSP regulating authorities.
  • Some of the services that we offer include:
    • Payment gateway integration: We provide merchants with a payment gateway, which is an online service that processes payment transactions. The gateway securely transmits payment information between the merchant’s website and the acquiring bank.
    • Payment processing: We handle the process of approving or declining transactions based on the information provided by the customer and the merchant.
    • Fraud detection and prevention: We use advanced security measures to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.
    • Recurring payments: We enable merchants to set up recurring payments for subscription-based services.
    • Reporting and analytics: We provide merchants with detailed reports and analytics on their transactions, such as sales data, customer demographics, and payment methods.